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Team Rutus UK announced -On the 'All Metal Mode UK' radio show, 08/02/2019








Team Rutus UK Team Members were to be at Detectival, Detectorcon, Rodney Cook Memorial and Detectorcon in 2021.


Team Rutus UK Team Members announced - On the 'All Metal Mode UK' radio show, 08/08/2019


The Rutus Expert Team are Tony Cawood, Richard Lincoln, Matteusz David, Niall Bailey, Yvonne Lundon-Marchant, Adrian Gayler and Luke Higgins.


The team be in attendance at Rodney Cook Memorial Rally and Detectival in September - come say hellow (20/07/2019)


Tony will also be at the Coil to the Soil weekender on 24th August, look out for him swinging his Alter 71.




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