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Stephen Grey

My mother bought me my first metal detector in the late 1980’s. I used to love going to my local park and finding shillings and sixpences. Over the years I’ve used most brands and over the last six years I’ve collaborated with numerous manufacturers and outlets to promote their products.


I know a good metal detector when I see one. Rutus spotted me at Detectival and asked me to take a look at their Alter 71. After a few trips out with it I was very impressed by its capabilities. I initially refused to be a Rutus Expert Team member simply because I’m fairly new to the brand. After thinking again I realised my natural enthusiasm for the hobby was all I really needed to join the team.


I like my metal detectors to be powerful and easy to learn. When I get on a good field I don’t want to be fiddling with settings for five minutes every hour or so. With that in mind I mainly stick to the preset programmes on my Alter 71.


Apart from actually detecting one of my favourite activities is writing about the hobby. I love nothing better on a day I cannot go Detecting than to sit down and write four or five pages for Treasure Hunting magazine here in the U.K. My favourite type of detecting is out on good Roman fields. I’ve found hundreds of Romans over the years some of them rare. I’ve found gold hammered coins, Celtic coins, lots of silver hammered coins including a few rare ones.


My greatest talent in the hobby of metal detecting is bringing people together and making them laugh. I do this with my YouTube channel, Anglo Celtic Metal Detecting. I don’t make plans but I must be doing something right. I’m invited to so many rallies and even club digs all over the U.K and some in Europe too. I’m a people person first and foremost and I have some really great connections not only in the trade but throughout the whole world with ordinary everyday detectorists like myself.


Stephen's Youtube Channel: Anglo Celtic Metal Detecting


Rutus used: Alter 71 Version 2.0


Fave Rutus settings: Fast


Fave finds:

Rare Carausius Gaul Legionary coin. Two Charles the first gold crowns. Annular brooch (2). George the third Bank token. Celtic Silver unit. Roman brooches, animal types and enamel disc brooches. Good sovereign and half sovereign. Amazingly detailed cricket belt buckle of about 1860 (3).


Other hobbies:

Lager, writing poetry and making contacts in the hobby.