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I started mudlarking on the Thames with a metal detector which was very hard going given the amount of ship-building iron and nails as well as general rubbish that has been thrown into the river over hundreds of years.  


Then I saw that you could go metal detecting in fields and I was hooked.  The Rutus Alter 71 is my second ever machine and I love it to bits.  I started with using the set programmes and my finds rate compared to my earlier machine went through the roof.  


As I explored the settings more and more, I realised that it has a super sophisticated engine behind it and can adapt to almost any ground. I also love the concentric coil which I believe gives it the edge over other machines.  I’ve also customised my Rutus Alter with a fibre shaft.


I have found hammies, silver and gold rings, roman coins and roman brooches.


I'll be at Rodney Cook Memorial.




Detecting location in the UK: 



Rutus used: Alter 71 (V2.0)


Fave Rutus settings:


Fave finds:

1 - Silver thimble

2 - Crotal bell

3 - Roman coin

4 - Collection of silver finds


Other hobbies:

Making Beer, Food & Travel.